At the start of the new year it is always nice to look back on the year just passed. One great weekend for the Region to look back on is the Young Leader Training weekend in November.

The venue was Abernathy Adventure Activity Centre in Barcaple. The aim, to get 51 young people through their young leader training. This training is designed to give the young people all the tools they need to help at the younger sections, and consists of modules going from A through to K.

With module K being first aid it requires a weekend to itself, so A to J it was. The topics covered a huge range: teaching them how to take the lead; the importance of games; how to make scouting accessible to all; and much more. A lot to fit into a weekend.

But the young people took it in there stride, the discussion were led by members of the Regional and SHQ team along with the District Commissioners from across the region. The module took us through some intense discussions, as well as a few games, and I have no doubt the young people and leaders had a lot to take away.

Even with such a busy schedule it’s always important to have a bit of fun and do a bit of team building. Luckily, Abernathy staff were on hand with a great range of activities to get the young people a bit of fresh air and get them working together. Which made great viewing for the leadership team.

This weekend was a great highlight of 2017 for the Region, as a first challenge for the new Regional team. But the real highlights were the young people. There great attitudes and insights were fantastic, and I must say, I can’t wait to hear more when we do this again in 2018.

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